Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Getting over a running slump

We've all been there. After training really hard for a few months, a slump is almost inevitable. You know the signs- not motivated, making excuses about why you shouldn't run, etc. A few weeks ago, I started really struggling with getting motivated. I didn't want to run, wasn't waking up for my morning runs, and even skipped more runs than I would like to admit! After about 2 weeks of this, I realized I needed to figure out why this was happening and get back on track or else there was no way that I would be finishing the Portland Marathon.

I went out for a quick pre-dinner run, went to start my Garmin, and realized that I was dreading looking at my stats. However, my Garmin seems so sacred- as though if I don't have my stats my run didn't actually happen. Ultimately, I decided to run without starting my Garmin for this run. I still wore my watch (had to make sure I was back for dinner!) but didn't have any pace or mileage stats. At first, this felt really weird and unnatural.

How am I supposed to know if I was on pace?!

What if I didn't do the EXACT mileage prescribed?!

And in that moment I realized that my problem was stemming from that mindset. Running had become so mechanical- get dressed, put on my shoes, put on my Garmin, start my Garmin, run, look at watch, adjust pace, look at watch, adjust pace, etc. I had forgotten why I loved running in the first place! Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Garmin Forerunner 225. I wear it as my daily watch and its fantastic. However, I just needed a break from the constant stats I was getting from it during my run. During some workouts (i.e. speed, long runs, tempo runs, etc.) I really do need this information, but when I'm just doing easy miles there is no reason for me to obsess over my pace!

For the past few weeks, I've been using my Garmin during long runs, tempo, runs, and speed workouts and only going by time for the other 2 days of running and I feel great! I no longer dread putting on my shoes (only sometimes when that alarm goes off.. ha!) and am really back to enjoying my runs. Sometimes it's important to take a step back and realize why you started running in the first place and go back to your roots.


With love and lots of happy running,

About me

Since I'm new to this whole blogging thing, I figured I would do a bit of an introductory post! My name is Rachael and I am a sophomore at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon (but am originally from Simi Valley, CA). I am a biology major and neuroscience minor as well as a hopeful pre-med student.

Before going off to Lewis & Clark, I ran cross country and track for 5 years on a nationally ranked team. This is where I cultivated my love and knowledge of running. However, when I was going off to college, I decided that I no longer wanted to run competitively and instead began running and cross training on my own! This is when I decided that I wanted to run a marathon. I signed up for the Portland Marathon and am currently using the Hanson's training plan (with some adjustments) to train for it! I am so excited to be running my first marathon in PDX- so excited, in fact, that I applied (and was chosen to be) a Portland Marathon ambassador! If you are still looking to register for the Portland marathon- use code RACHAEL10 for $10 off!

I have been training for this marathon for a few months and am so excited to run it. On this blog, I will be chronicling the highs and lows of my journey to the Portland Marathon and beyond! Thanks for reading!